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Christina O

Ninety nine. 14m (325í3®) the largest north american-built yacht in lifestyles. Perhaps happily, little remains of her unique structure as she became built in canada as hmcs stormont, an escort frigate for north atlantic convoys during world war ii. She was in the end purchased with the aid of greek shipping multi-millionaire aristotle onassis, who, in 1954, transformed her into the maximum spectacular yacht of the era, renaming her christina after his daughter.

Onassis used his yacht to entertain many of the internationalís rich and famous, inclusive of his mistress, the opera diva maria callas, and sir winston churchill. Purchased by way of a consortium that consists of an irish bank and greek pastimes and renamed christina o, she became comprehensively rebuilt in croatia in 2001. The yacht retains a lot of her original functions, which include the swimming pool with a duplicate of the minoan mosaic from the royal palace at knossos at the bottom. The yacht is available for constitution and become featured in quantity 15 of the superyachts e book. Builder: canadian vickers (1943) / hdw (1954) dressmaker: cesar pinnau (conversion) former names: argo, christina, hmcs stormont